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Ona mission to keep paradise clean

Bubbies Ice Cream Collection of the variety of flavors.
OceanPlastic Recovery Through CleanHub

We are proud to partner with CleanHub to remove plastic waste from the ocean. With an original commitment of 10K lbs removed, we are working towards total plastic neutrality by the end of 2023.

Click here to see our recovery efforts in real time:

Packaging Plastic Reduction

In 2022, Bubbies removed our plastic clamshells from our retail boxes and switched to an individually wrapped format. This resulted in a 5% reduction in total plastic by volume.

Beach Bucket Foundation

In 2022 Bubbies partnered with the Beach Bucket Foundation for a cause-based partnership. In addition to a 5K donation, Bubbies sponsored a beach clean up in partnership with Beach Bucket Foundation at Ocean Cay Park in Florida. We were thrilled that over 120 volunteers attended. Through their hard work they were able to remove 140 lbs of trash from Ocean Kay.

Bubbies is eager to expand our beach clean up initiative in 2023 and partner with more organization to keep our local paradises clean.