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Bubbies is known for serving up new ways to take you to ice cream paradise - but behind the scenes, we’re taking steps to keep our planet, oceans, and paradise clean.

Bubbies Ice Cream Collection of the variety of flavors.
More than mochi

We understand our responsibility to share our ice cream creations in an ethical and environmentally conscious way. With the help of partners like CleanHub and the Beach Bucket Foundation, we’re able to do just that.

Cleanhub: Ocean plastic recovery

In 2023, Bubbies reached its year-long goal of funding the cleanup of 10,000lbs of trash from coastal communities worldwide. Through CleanHub’s model of waste interception, these 10,000lbs of trash will never reach the ocean, and will be disposed of or recycled correctly. Our partnership with CleanHub helps keep paradise clean and provides stable jobs at collection hubs in India, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

HEAL THE BAY: beach clean up

In 2023, Bubbies sponsored a beach clean up with Heal the Bay, whose mission is to clean Los Angeles beaches and educate the population on how to be kinder to the coastal ecosystem.


In 2022, Bubbies set out to make a local impact to keep paradise clean. We partnered with the Beach Bucket Foundation to host a volunteer-driven beach cleanup in Ocean Kay, Florida. Over 120 volunteers attended our beach clean-up and made a huge impact, removing 140lbs of trash from the beach. Bubbies also donated $5,000 to the Beach Bucket Foundation in support of their ongoing efforts to keep paradise clean.

The Beach Bucket Foundation and the volunteers at Ocean Kay Park inspired us to do more. In 2023, we sponsored a beach clean up in Miami Beach, where volunteers collected over 330lbs of trash.

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