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Bubbies is best known for our super premium mochi ice cream. Starting with the highest quality in real ingredients, we’ve crafted the creamiest, most authentic ice cream experience using the same secret family recipe since Bubbies’ inception in 1985. Our award winning mochi ice cream is the perfectly proportioned treat for any occasion!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Familiarize with Bubbies Food Service

Bite-sized ice cream treats wrapped in specially flavored, Gluten-free, sweet rice dough. The outer layer, mochi dough, is made from rice flour and sweetened with natural ingredients for a unique, soft and chewy texture. After biting through the mochi dough, Bubbies consumers are rewarded with super premium ice cream, a rich and creamy slow-churned blend of high quality ingredients in a wide variety of flavors.

You know it. We make our ice cream using only the highest quality ingredients with secret family recipes perfected over the years. Our proprietary cream base gives our ice cream a superb premium texture and taste.

Yes, all of our flavors are certified Kosher Dairy or Kosher Dairy Equipment by KSA

Perfectly Portioned

A few delicious bites and just 90 calories per piece

Super Premium Ice Cream

Richer and creamier than anything else in the freezer

Flavored Just Right

Just the right amount of real, natural (and irresistible) flavor