Fundraising Info

Forget the usual fundraiser! We offer an amazing opportunity for your organization to raise funds selling something everyone LOVES... Mochi Ice Cream!! We have assisted Momilani Elementary School for the past seven years raising monies for their Foundation and in 2013 the Momilani Foundation raised over $30,000 selling Bubbies retail mochi ice cream boxes - that's over 6,000 units!!

How it works is you can choose from the 20 flavors of the Bubbies mochi ice cream selection -- the organization purchases the box of 8 pieces for $5.00 each and it sells the box for $10.00. This results in a 100% profit per box for your organization and a lot of happy "ice cream lovers"!

If you are interested in working with us please email the factory at or give us a call at 808-487-7218. We can discuss all of the details and parameters to have a fun way of raising money for your school, soccer team, club, or non-profit organization.